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California Winegrowers Turn To Tech To Save At the Tap

It’s a hot October day in Northern California, and I’m roving a sea of endless green vineyards, which I’m sure haven’t felt much rain this summer. That’s when I notice the irrigation lines for the first time, then begin to see them everywhere. I imagine the wine industry to be a serious drain on California water resources, and wonder how they are navigating the drought.

It turns out they use less water than you might think. In fact, vines actually thrive in a water-stressed environment, and winemakers have been turning to technology to help them determine the perfect wine climate.

Beginner's Guide to Napa & Sonoma Wine Country

It's Indian summer in wine country now. Sometimes the skies challenge that idea with gray morning cover, but we trust by midday we'll be roaming sleeveless in the sunshine. The harvest came early this year because of the drought, but this is not a bad thing for many wine makers, as less water leads to more concentrated fruit. You'll learn about this and more firsthand on your visit to California wine country. The wine region of the Northwest stretches far beyond the confines of Napa and Sonoma County, but let's focus on these counties—which comprise California's most-visited destination.