Snapshots From the Road in Denmark

Snapshots From the Road in Denmark

In Denmark, after a few days in wet and windy Copenhagen, fellow journalist Krista Rossow and I took a road trip to the West Coast of Jutland, where the wild, grassy dunes meet the gusty North Sea. We contacted local fishermen through their buyers and sellers to see where the fish comes from. Here are a few images from the road. 


Typical Village Church

We were told that that these churches were common to the West Coast of Jutland because fisherman would go out to the sea for weeks at a time, and their families would pray here for them to return safely. We came upon a church exactly like this in nearly every village we drove by. 

Field of Rapeseed, what we call Canola.JPG

Fields of Rapeseed in the Spring

All over Denmark, endless rapeseed flowers (a.k.a. Canola) paint the rolling landscapes and fill the air with a pungent, somewhat funky and still delicious, honey smell. We learned the notion of allemansrätt, or the right to walk freely in nature, as long as the land is left undisturbed. 


Fresh Mackerel From the North Sea 

In Copenhagen, we learned that some of the high-end gastronomical restaurants like Fiskebar are beginning to do fancy things with the kind of fish that is typically considered “trash fish” by the Danes. 

Hvide Sande-Denmark-MargueriteRichards

Hvide Sande Houses in Jutland 

In the town of Hvide Sande, located on a narrow strip of land bookended by the North Sea to the west and the Ringkobing Fjord to the east, we spotted hundreds of these charming thatched-roof houses nestled within the grassy dunes. It feels like hobbit country.

No Harbor in Thorup Strand 

We scouted out this tiny fishing port for its unique way of pulling up the fishing boats right onto the beach by tractor. When we asked the local fishery men we met why they did it this way, they simply chucked, “as you may have noticed, we have no harbor.” 


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The Spice Route

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