My Mission

As often as possible, I try to promote cultural understanding in my work.

I have a fundamental belief that, as humans, we are all the same. We are the same in our humanity. The core of our beings is the same regardless of our skin, our country, our religion, financial standing, sexual preference, or the make up of our pasts. 

Our differences are so colorful, somehow they feel surprising and, at times, extreme. They can scare us. And they do scare us. But those differences only make up the external layers of our identities. Underneath those layers, we have the same needs for shelter, human connection, sustenance, intellectual stimulation, and happiness. If we can trust this enough to feel curious, to ask questions, to find the beauty in those differences, we will be reminded that we are all the same, every time.

To this end, I’m currently building a collection of Tales From Muslim Worlds for print and promoting the conversation online. For those who wonder why a white girl from California baptized Christian and married to a Buddhist might be doing a project like this,  read the story here.

My Bio 

Marguerite Richards is a freelance writer chasing her curiosities about food, travel, and culture around the world. She sometimes misses out on the physical details of a place because she’s so captivated by the people. She travels to understand cultural differences and the nuances that separate us, with the resolve to render it all palpable through her writing.

She has lived for a combined six years in Holland, Chile, and France, where total cultural immersion instilled a permanent desire to travel. New York was her longest cultural adventure, where she ran the magazines for the French Government Tourist Office for five years. She is now living part time in her native California, and part time in Colombo, Sri Lanka, free to write full time. But, because she can’t shake her love for business, she also collaborates with travel companies on marketing and content development as often as possible. Recently, she has combined forces with fellow journalist and longtime colleague Mary Winston Nicklin at Lafayette Communications, their content consulting agency focused on travel brands. 

Marguerite holds an MA in French Translation, a BA in English Literature, a Certificate for English teaching, and an honorary business degree from the School of Hard Knocks.