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There’s a growing disdain for a made-up entity we call the Muslim world. Where is that world located? Next to the Christian world maybe? So where is the Jewish world then? Last time I checked, we only had one world. Muslims—like Jews and Christians, like Buddhists, Atheists, Mormons, and Scientologists—come from many worlds. While Muslims are a U.S. minority, they make up almost 25% of our world population, and reflect countless perspectives, each different from the next. And that number doesn’t count the secular Muslims who might not check that box on the census card. That’s a lot of people that are getting shoved into one common identity. Recently, an identity that is becoming feared. Muslims are as diverse a population as is our human population. It's time to shine a light on that. The world needs it now.

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Marguerite Richards

Marguerite Richards

Most people think the travel writer's life is glamorous. It's true I've got great stories, but not always from glittering experiences. I'm currently living in a place where people stare at me like I'm a zoo animal. I've been stranded on an island in Thailand, unsure I'd ever get home. I cleaned Patti Smith's toilet backstage at a concert in Brussels once. To prove my respect, I ate fried worms with a South African tribe. It hasn't all been perfect, but all of it has been enriching, helping me understand this crazy world and our messy human mix. Managing writing, editing, and marketing projects around the globe, I am a native Californian, currently living in Sri Lanka, chasing my curiosities about food and culture around the world. 

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